Slip into something a little more comfortable, silky smooth against your skin, and tailored to enhance your sleep experience. Our luxurious Sleepwear Collection includes both mens and womens sleepwear in elegant royal blue designs.



Women’s. S, M, L, XL
Made of 90% modal and 10% elastane



S, M, L, XL
Made of 100% Egyptian cotton, Blue Checked



S, M, L, XL
Made of 100% cotton percale, Blue Checked


Keep your feet warm all through the winter season with our cozy down boots. Filled with finest duck down and feathers that breathe, these are the perfect accessories for luxuriously relaxing moments. Their warmth and comfort ease your path to sleep, making the boots an ideal slumber partner. Size: 11in


Made from 100% Egyptian cotton, our sumptuous range of Hästens toweling products is woven from exceptionally fine superior yarn for unparalleled softness and enhanced absorption qualities. The magnificent thickness of our top-quality towels makes them just as comfortable to wrap yourself at home or on the beach. With a collection ranging from bath mitt to beach towel (100% Pima cotton), you will find all your bathroom, gym or outdoor needs catered for. The towel collection is yarn dyed, giving it a deep fade-resistant color. All towels retain the plush pile wash afterwards. Machine washable up to 60°C. The towel collection is Oeko-Tex certified, guaranteeing that no harmful substances have been used in production.

Beach Towel Bath Towel Hand Towel
31 1/2″x78 3/4″ in
27 1/2″x55″ in
Blue Check
19 3/4″x39 1/2″ in
Guest Towel Face Cloth Wash Mitt
11 3/4″x19 3/4″ in
Blue Check
11 7/8″x11 7/8″ in
Blue Check
6 5/16″x8 11/16″ in
Blue Check


Enjoy soft and superlight 100% Baby Alpaca Throws, created by hand from natural materials in Peru. This is one of our favorite accessories for crisp autumn nights and chilly winter days.

Made of 100% baby alpaca wool. The alpacas are around two-and-a-half years old when sheared for the first time. The wool from the first shearing is called ‘baby alpaca wool’ and is known for being finer than the wool from the adult alpaca. Alpaca wool is naturally hypo-allergenic as it is the only wool fiber that does not contain lanolin, the main cause of wool allergies. It also has softer fibers than sheep\’s wool, meaning it is less likely to cause itchiness.

Available in six colors: cream, nutmeg, granite, navy, antique crimson and navy/cream check. The cream, nutmeg and granite are natural colors of the alpaca animals, antique crimson and navy are dyed.

Size: 51 1/4″x78 3/4″ in

Antique Crimson Blue Check Granite
Navy Nutmeg Cream


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