Restorative, nourishing sleep is essential for experiencing clarity, energy and fulfillment during your waking hours. So why is it hard at times to drift off easily and effortlessly?

In many ways our modern lifestyles do not support restful sleep. The screen time is one of the issues that interrupt the production of the melatonin, as the light from computers, phones and TVs, as well as the content agitates and stimulates our sympathetic nervous system. We get wired when it is time to unwire!

Here are some great ideas to take into practice. When you wake up first thing in the morning visualize your day. See all your activities taking place and visualize it just the way you would like it to be, all the way until the night. In other words, plan your sleep first thing in the morning. Visualize yourself unwinding, doing a simple small ritual that calms you down. Then do that ritual every night. Our bodies loves rhythm.

Set aside the time for your self to unwind, give your self 20 minutes. Turn of all electronics. You ritual could be to journal a bit. Read a book. Take a short walk, enjoy a few deep breaths. Make your sleeping ritual something that you cherish by lighting a candle. Look forward to your special time, don’t let any work related thoughts come in. Be strict not to indulge in drama. This is your special time just for you, stick to it and put all else to the side.

Once in bed give yourself five minutes of a relaxation meditation. Start at the feet, point then flex your toes, roll your ankles. Then soften them. Move your awareness up to your calves and legs, contract your muscles a few times and the relax your legs. Notice the difference, sometime we keep tension in our body with out even knowing it. Bring your hands on your belly, breathe a few breaths into your hands and let the belly get soft. Imagine all your organs calm and relaxed. Bring your hands to your heart, take some deep breaths in to your heart and fill yourself with gratitude for your wonderful day. Bring your hands over your eyes and temples, soften every little muscle around your eyes, enjoy your mindful relaxation. Take deep breaths and let yourself relax in to deep sleep.

In order not to interrupt your sleep cycle, ensure yourself to be in bed no later then 10 pm. Try to follow the natural cycles of the day. Wake up as the sun rises and calm as the sun sets. Eat an early and light dinner. Avoid caffeinated drinks during day and night time. Alcohol will as well interrupt your sleep. Use essential oils, like lavender, rub it on your feet before bed. Have your bedroom uncluttered and a window open for fresh air. Give your self permission to drift off easily and effortlessly in to your healing and nourishing sleep. Next morning wake up rested, visualize the whole day including next nights sleep.

By Carolina Goldberg